Servicio técnico

If you have chosen a Sandoz watch, which is always in perfect condition, it is important for us. For that reason, from Sandoz  we put everything necessary to ensure that you can always enjoy it with the same level of satisfaction as when you acquired it.

And we can offer that guarantee because ...

We control the entire process of design, manufacture and distribution of our products

We have the best possible Technical Service

With highly qualified master watchmakers and in permanent technical training

Each year they carry out more than 10,000 quality controls and 100,000 maintenance services.

With a work philosophy based on:

1. The maximum demand for quality and agility with the shortest repair times in the market.

2. The best level of personal attention and guarantee of customer satisfaction repair or replacement of the product.

3. Respect for tradition and the legacy of an authentically Swiss brand.


With our own facilities for the design, manufacture and distribution of our products

A Central Service with 1000m2 and 4 automatic warehouses that contain an average of 38,000 references of fittings.

To ensure the proper functioning of your watch we recommend an annual leak check. This and other services are available at our official technical service centers. You can locate your nearest center below.