Switzerland is eternal

It is in the small details where we become recognizable. Especially when we appeal to minimalism to demonstrate our good taste. With extra-slim watches, spheres where numbers have been reduced to the minimum expression, and the inimitable elegance of authentic Swiss watchmaking. Able to remain oblivious to time, and eternally elegant to dress the same as her wrist, and his. 

Collection Timeless


Swiss made, swiss technique


Carré collection, minimal expression, maximum beauty.

The square and minimalist clock, reduced to its minimum expression, is since the 1950s an expression of elegance. Preferred by a lady and a gentleman to accompany a formal attire, the Carré collection continues one of the lines inaugurated by Sandoz.

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Swiss made, swiss technique


Elle: genuinely woman

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Sandoz wristwatch was the favorite of the female public, making it so popular that even men began to use it. The Elle collection celebrates this pioneering work of women, who without sacrificing an ounce of beauty and quality, it prints its character wherever it goes.

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Swiss made, swiss technique



Distinction. That is the common characteristic of all those who have worn a Sandoz in more than three hundred years of brand history. The Casuel collection sums up this characteristic in timeless models, a faithful image of classic Swiss watchmaking, capable of wearing the most demanding doll.
Both on great occasions and on a daily basis, the Casuel collection conveys the faithful image of those who know how to make themselves known.

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Swiss made, swiss technique


Sandoz innovation

The extra-flat bracelet models were made possible by the visionary conception of the master watchmaker Hermann Sandoz, and the exclusive patent of Caliber HSF 56. The first result of that work, the Sandoz 333, is the result of his ingenuity and spectacular innovation.
Today as yesterday, the Classic & Slim collection offers, adapted to current tastes, a wide range of extra-flat models. Fine as the skin of time, to dress on your own skin.