Classical and traditional lines

We can wear on the wrist a sign of distinction that is also able to measure time. And that can only be achieved when the legacy of the past is valued, bringing it to our days to make it timeless. A philosophy that has accompanied Sandoz from the first moment.

Collection Tradition


Swiss made, swiss technique


Antique collection, Swiss and traditional: pure Sandoz

In the purest tradition of the Swiss Made, Sandoz has not wanted to abandon its brand origins, nor the seal that still distinguishes the quality of its models. Classicism in its purest state, with soft lines, with calendar, lunar phases, and traditional metallic finishes. Called to remain forever, and never to go out of style.

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Swiss made, swiss technique


Dynamique, the Swiss innovation

In Dynamique today and yesterday are merged, the best of the past and the present. A range of watches that unites the most characteristic features of Swiss watchmaking, its elegance and its subtlety, with the modernity and minimalism of the 21st century. The firm commitment to thoroughness and attention to detail makes this line stand out for the strength of its personality and its markedly Swiss character

Swiss made, swiss technique


Elegant collection

Elegant The Oignon is a museum Sandoz, exceptionally conserved as an exceptional piece for its interior machinery, and for its silver dial, carved with lily flowers, created in the 18th century, it is a sign of that permanent concern of the brand to surround with beauty the extreme precision of its gears.
No collection like Elegant represents that constant concern, nor does it best reflect, in a strap or bracelet, that term so difficult to acquire, and so easily recognizable. The elegance.

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Swiss made, swiss technique


In the best Swiss watchmaking tradition

Few brands can claim the Vintage style in their own right. In Sandoz we do it by claiming the family that gives us our name, and that from as far back as the 16th century they lived in La Chaux des Fonds, elaborating the best Swiss watchmaking tradition.
The Heritage collection brings to the present watches of now and always, designed from the tradition, with absolute care for details and with the most innovative materials and techniques.
The gentlemen who enjoyed the first Sandoz wrist in 1914 would find them faultless. And in the present, without distinction of genres, they dress with a style that goes beyond the classic. 

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