Reloj Mujer Acero Elle  81320-07

Elle 81320-07

Swiss made, swiss technique

Elle Collection

The Elle collection celebrates the pioneering work of women, who without sacrificing an ounce of beauty and quality, imprints its character wherever it goes. Without giving up anything and getting ahead of elegance.

Swiss made, swiss technique

Delicate steel

This Elle model sports a steel case with a pearly dial and a steel bracelet. Pure sophistication, femininity and elegance.

Swiss made, swiss technique

Authentically Sandoz

The watch is presented in a large case printed with the logo of the brand and its identity. Swiss essence that is reinforced inside with a metal plate and a book that details recommendations for use, care and warranty. Our commitment, that you can always enjoy your Sandoz in perfect condition

Características técnicas

Ref. 81320-07


Tipo Reloj: Analogicos

Material de Caja: Acero

Color principal Esfera: Plateado

Diámetro: 30 mm.

Cristal: Zafiro

Tipo Fondo: Rosca

Tipo de Pulsera: Brazalete

Color de la Pulsera: Acero

Tipo de Cierre: Oculto

Tipo de Movimiento: Cuarzo analógico

Función: 3 agujas