Time is how you spend it

With Sandoz, the measurement of time went from being a daily necessity to an exciting competition to know the brands themselves. We were the chronographs of the first modern Olympics, the first airtight watches capable of submerging at great depth, which recreated with accuracy the world of high motor competition, and those chosen by flight lovers. And all that feeling is still topical in the modern Emotion collections.

Collection Émotion


Swiss made, swiss technique


Vitesse, pure adrenaline

Vitesse collection focuses on the racing heritage for the race track.The Vitesse family showcases Sandoz’s innovative, pioneering and adventurous spirit.

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Swiss made, swiss technique


Racing, sport on board

Since the 1930s, with the expansion of motorsport, Sandoz watches have become a reference in the dashboards of the most desired models. Reflecting a sporting spirit that accompanied the development of engineering engines. It was the time of the beginning of the great races, like the 24 hours of Le Mans, and of the demand in the measure of the hours.

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Swiss made, swiss technique


Diver, depth load

Since the beginning of the space race Sandoz 65 appeared, automatic, with calendar, and hermetic, many have wanted to follow its model, but none has been able to develop it as true to the original as the Diver collection, which allow immersion to great depth, without losing any of its qualities.

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Swiss made, swiss technique


Caractère, second by second since 1870

The chornographs devised by henri sandoz at the end of the XIX century installed the tradition of accurate measurement of time, even in its mínimum expression. Its engineering was a response to the challenge of a new era, which inaugurated again in celebration of the Olympic Games, and specified, above all, the accuracy and reliability. In line with this family tradition, Sandoz continues to develop the Caractère collection, whose features bring toguether the spirit of those legendary Chronographs

Swiss made, swiss technique


Pilot, aces from the air since 1914

Sandoz has in its Pilot series the aesthetics of aviation carried to its maximum elegance. With full right, we claim in this collection our status as pioneers in wristwatches. We were chosen by the first aviators, and today aviation lovers around the world choose them for their extreme reliability. And while the aeronautical continues to conquer heights and distances, Sandoz transports the Pilot to the same excitement of riding the air that the first day.

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Swiss made, swiss technique


The sky is the limit

Personal overcoming was what characterized the first explorers of the Artic, who first toured unknown territories or climbed mountains never climbed. Everyone without exception chose Sandoz because they guaranteed reliability in their adventures. 
Today sportif collection recreates the free spirit, that of those who look at their watch and bet on continuing to strive one more minute to achieve its goal. 

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